Caitlin McEvoy

Caitlin is obsessed with all things design. When she's not busy working on magazines and newspapers, she's juggling freelancing on the side and a masters degree. You'll likely find her in the gym or cooking up a storm in the kitchen when she manages to step away from the computer.

Isolation Diaries: Part 2

Over the past few weeks of isolation, one of the biggest lessons to be learnt is: you can’t control situations, people or the outcome. What you can control is what you do, how you react and how you take care of yourself. So, for this long-overdue second instalment of the isolation diaries, we’re talking about self-care.

200-mile challenge

We’re six days into February, January had been rubbish health-wise (both mentally and physically, but mostly physically), I was back on track. I had good sessions in therapy week after week, and I was generally feeling pretty good. However, I wanted to do something in February that would take all the negative energy from January …

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Turning 28

In just a couple of weeks time, I’ll turn the grand young age of 28. Not to be too dramatic, but I’ll be glad to leave the age of 27 behind. It’s been a tough age. I started with good intentions of what I wanted to achieve – which I wrote about this time last year. You …

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