Being freelance on the Being Freelance podcast

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A couple of weeks ago I was featured on Steve Folland’s Being Freelance podcast. 

Steve and I met briefly at the IPSE Freelancer of the Year awards in June. I, was at the time, on the panel for mental health when Steve originally came by to my stall in the freelancer showcase. Luckily, he came back and we had a chat to which I said “Oh! You’re the podcast guy.” We freelancers are very professional, and not at all socially awkward. 

I had thought of starting a podcast a long time ago but it was one of those ideas that never came to fruition. Now, podcasts seem to be a big thing. But honestly, I don’t give them much of a listen unless it’s creative or freelance related. 

But when Steve asked if I wanted to do the podcast I jumped at the chance. A few people from the IPSE circle had featured on it before and it’s always good to keep pushing a positive story about mental health – which is just one part of what I do as a freelancer. 

You can check out the podcast here to hear myself in all my awkward glory. I apologise in advance. 

There are some things that I wanted to add to from the podcast that I didn’t really think about until I’d had time to reflect on the experience. I had a few more thoughts once it went live too. Luckily Steve transcribes the podcast so I didn’t have to listen to my voice again to remember what we had talked about.

Spinning too many plates

It sounds impressive on paper. How I was designing before uni, then juggled a full time job while doing a part time masters and designing as a side hustle while starting District23. I know it’s a lot to have accomplished, but maybe for me it doesn’t feel like it because career and business wise I’m not where I want to be. District23 always takes a back seat and it’s not really had lift off. It’s a shame because it’s what I’m known for. But with so many other areas going on, it’s hard to spin so many plates without some sacrifices here and there. 

I’m hoping in 2019 to change this and bring more focus back to District23 and give it the stability it needs to be what I imagine it could potentially be. 

Freelancing at work

My manager at the day job is very understanding. But you can’t take the piss all the time and sit at one job and do freelance work. It’s rare I do it, but when I do I try to do it discreetly on my lunch break. If you are going to do the same while you figure out a balance, check with your manager first. Try not to let the boundaries merge where you favour your freelance work over the day job. You are at work for a reason. 

My portfolio

Why do I have a piece of work in my portfolio from I was five years old? Why not?! It’s a conversation starter, or ender, but also shows the journey of how you became you. It rarely gets shown. But it’s a good way to show that you’re a little different and can offer more than just your CV.

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