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Banana Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Loaf

There’s never a dull day when there’s a banana loaf on the kitchen table fresh from the oven. It’s an even better day when that banana loaf is turned into a banana hazelnut chocolate chip loaf.
Bananas in a cake is always a good idea. I tend to buy mine incredibly green when I do my shopping, forget about them for a week or two and then when they’re just about to turn from ripe to really bad it’s time to get baking.
During the week I plan my food out – it’s a strict gym diet of chicken, rice and vegetables. On the weekend though the diet goes out the window. At least with a banana cake you feel slightly healthy, and the hazelnuts and chocolate give it a little boost in protein.


Banana oat Nutella swirl muffins

]Need a quick, easy, and healthy snack for your post-workouts? Or perhaps you just need breakfast on the go. These banana oat Nutella swirl muffins


Mini Victoria sponges

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Anyone that knows me knows I’m an avid baker. Every weekend I will bake something – whether it be cookies, doughnuts, tray bake brownies or