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January is not my friend

Welcome to a very delayed New Year post! With February just around the corner, I’m wondering how many of us are ready to say goodbye


Book one – done and dusted

It has finally happened – the book is officially done and dusted and in my hands. Within the first few hours of actively promoting it,


Turning 28

In just a couple of weeks time, I’ll turn the grand young age of 28. Not to be too dramatic, but I’ll be glad to


Here comes the money

Ching ching, bling bling, cut the chatter You ain’t talking money, then your talking don’t matter Ching ching, bling bling, pattin’ pockets You make the


World Kindness Day

Happy World Kindness Day! It’s been about a month since the doctors took away my daily dose of anxiety and depression suppressing Sertraline. Despite the


Welcome to my living room

When I bought the house in December 2017 the house I was living in at the time was incredibly damp. Downstairs was cold and damp.

on sale now

fuck this: living with mental health