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Tropical design trend showcase

Rewind a few weeks and I’m stood in H&M home picking out a new duvet cover. It’s a tropical pattern. Not neon or garishly bright,


Stranger Things season 2 showcase

If you didn’t already know, the second season of Stranger Things was released on Netflix on Friday 27th October, 2017. Since then the design world


Gig poster inspiration showcase

For a long time in the design world, creating an album cover was the ultimate goal for many designers. But since the music industry has


Vintage Travel Postcards Showcase

With technology making it so easy to keep connected to our loved ones whilst on holiday, there is rarely ever a need to purchase postcards


Playing Cards Reimagined

Graphic design comes in all shapes and sizes. Today it comes in the form of playing cards. They are an overlooked form of design. Their


Festival Design Showcase

The weather is drab outside here in the UK. Many are longing for the hot summer days – beer in hand and good music to listen to. I can’t bring summer to you, but I can bring you summer vibes. Festival season will be here before you know it.

What’s so great about festival season, other than the music, is the artwork. Their design is something that really inspires me. It’s eye-catching, bold, colourful and attention grabbing. What’s not to love?

The designs are also expressive in its typography choices and illustration. Each event generally has its own unique look, making the festival iconic for its sound and aesthetic.

In todays showcase you’ll find a mixture of complex illustrations, bold colours and experimental design.