Fresh starts and fresh looks

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One of the designer’s flaws is their inability to like the work they produce – especially when it’s personal branding. I would say the same about my website and blog.

Over the years, it has become less about showcasing work and more about writing ramblings on design and mental health. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s the work that gets new clients as a freelancer, not necessarily a blog. At least for designers.

From a business perspective, there are many elements to a website these days. I’ve seen many designer websites that have a landing page and use Instagram as their portfolio. If that works for them, great. However, for me, there’s too much pressure from both Instagram culture and myself to be posting images on Instagram that get the likes and engagement rather than posting content that I’m happy to share.

Hence why I wanted to keep my website and blog.

It needed a refresh, in any case. That is something that has been neglected over recent years as it got lost in a sea of following the looks and styles of other designer portfolios and following what I thought would look useful to prospective clients. In doing so, I lost the edge and quirks of what I feel I offer to clients.

When the time came to sit down and think about a refresh I knew I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before. White space and zero colour? Done. Black with one accent colour? Done – I wanted something that screamed me, my personality, and looked completely different from any other designer’s portfolio.

That’s what you see now: a colour palette of red, blue and yellow (not just one accent colour) and illustrative patterns (though I’d like to add different ones as time goes on).

From a client perspective, I’ve added services provided, and a rough idea of costing and what you get should you hire me. Now offering the option of a retainer service should you need regular work at a fraction of the cost.

Options, I wanted options. For both myself and my clients. Need to get in touch? It’s at the bottom of every blog post, the home page, and the dedicated contact page. Do you want to view projects by category? They’re now filterable.

Of course, there are kinks to be still worked out and projects yet to be uploaded (they all got deleted), but for now, I feel like this website and blog works for the type of designer and freelancer I want to present myself to be.

Do you have a project you want to discuss? Get in touch below. It’s that simple!

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