Illustrative camping design inspiration

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Usually a showcase post here looks at designs that have recently inspired me. Though this post is the same, there is a continuative theme for this week’s inspiration showcase. That theme is illustrative camping designs. Think outdoors and nature. Think bold colours with trees and animals scattered about. If you’ve got that image in your mind, then keep on reading.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a few festival inspired designs. One of which is an outdoor event with farm elements that need to be included. Not your typical festival style design, but I like to push the constraints of design from time to time. During my research I don’t think I’ve come across a farm inspired festival design. This only bodes well for a unique original piece of artwork.

The downside of creating something original is starting from scratch. The good thing, you’re starting from scratch. That means colour schemes are not dictated by existing artwork, neither is the illustration style.

My inspiration for this current project came from vintage camping style artwork. Whether that be American summer camps or British Cubs and Scouts. Something about the patch badges and fun illustration styles really fuelled the design process

Of course, at this stage I can’t show you the final product of what I’ve been working on. The event isn’t until May and the illustration is still a work in progress. However, I can share the inspiration behind the project in the hopes that it too inspires you.

Sean Tulgetske

Brad Woodard

DKNG Studios

Benjamin Howes

Chris Rushing

Matt Carlson

Shawn Ryan

Landon Benson

Each of these designs is heavily influenced by traditional camping imagery. This is something I love. The aim of the project for me is to capture this rustic outdoor feel of camping and put a farming spin on it. Hopefully the end result will be something unique to the client, but also a strong piece of original design.

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