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A couple of weeks ago I talked briefly talked about how moving is a process – and it really is. My new place isn’t finished yet thanks to damp in the hallway which is slowing the process down. The majority of the house is the way I want it but there are still things I move around the more I live in it. Today I give you a tour of the lounge – or the living room depending on your preference. It’s the most complete room of them all. But even last week I was making slight changes with furniture to declutter and bring colour to other areas of the house.

The apartment I used to live in was open plan. Everything was bought for the purpose of that apartment. So when I moved I had to try and imagine my furniture in a different setting. From the video above you can see how I’m still adjusting to having slightly more space and how it works best for me.

The majority of the house is the way I want it but there are still things I move around the more I live in it.

When you walk into the house the first room, other than the drab hallway, is the lounge. The set-up is almost identical to what it was in the old apartment. I would love a second sofa or a footstool but I know it’s just not possible. Even though I love the cozy feel I’m aware that I have a lot of stuff. Most of it is decoration or accents which display my personality. But when I moved I realised just how much stuff I had – especially in the lounge.

All the DVDs, Playstation games and old CDs take up a lot room and so to break it up I always make sure the bookshelves have books on the middle shelf. Not only does this put some design books on display but it also injects different colours into the room. The bookshelves are also full of decorative tins, many of which came from Tkmaxx and Homesense. One of the bookshelves houses my cookbooks and baking books in a vintage Pepsi crate. This it just a different way to display books, and gives the shelves a bit more character.

Not that the room struggles for colour and character at all. Between the red filing cabinet, trunk and rug there is an abundance of warm industrial tones. This past week I moved my red sideboard that sat under the window into the kitchen. I was craving more life in that room and now the kitchen has the boost in colour it really needed. 

The rug and trunk are always the focal point of the room. I know people say the TV becomes the focal point because your furniture points towards it but the rug and trunk are at the centre of the room. The trunk I restored a few years ago from my Grandad’s house – it used to be a matte blue but I gave it this nice red industrial gloss. I kept the rusting metal work and put some new fabric inside which gives a useful storage space. The rug I stole from my brothers old apartment though you wouldn’t be able to tell as it looks like it was made for my lounge. I’d say you have good taste brother but I’m pretty sure I picked it out in the first place – but thanks mum for buying it!

The trunk I restored a few years ago from my Grandad’s house.

The sofa is nothing fancy or overly expensive. When I first furnished my apartment I had zero furniture. Pretty much everything in the house is from Ikea and the sofa is no exception. What I love about it is the ability to change the cover with the seasons. Right now I have this dark navy check cover and in Spring / Summer it changes to a beige cover. This is a great way to give your room a facelift on a budget without having to spend a lot of money on a new sofa. If the cover gets dirty you can wash it like you would your clothes. For £100 a cover you can’t really grumble at that when the sofa was about £300 to begin with. Plus it’s actually really comfortable.

As you can probably tell I have a slight love affair with cushions – four on the sofa and two on my Poang chair. Three of the cushions on the sofa are from H&M home a few years ago and unfortunately I haven’t seen anything like them for a while. The America Transatlantic Line cushion came from my mum’s travels in Budapest (I think). The cushions on the chair come from Ikea and Next but again you can’t get them anymore.

But no sofa is complete without some soft throws to keep you warm on these cold winter nights. My favourite throws to get are from Dunelm. The teddy bear throw collection is really soft and fluffy, but annoyingly seems to attract any debris from around the house. The second throw I have on the sofa is more for decoration than actual use. It’s by American Freshman and I picked it up for £20 in Tkmaxx sometime last year.

Originally I had vintage postcards of Marvel and DC comics in clip frames above the sofa in the old apartment. But now I have a house I wanted to rearrange my art and make use of more wall space. The lounge is themed in the same way though – it’s a vintage comic room in terms of artwork. The Batman posters I used to have in the apartment above the sideboard in the entryway but now they are rehoused to sit above the sofa. On the other wall I have my vintage Doctor Who posters which used to be in my bedroom. Even though they’re two different topics they blend nicely together and finish off the room nicely.

So that is the lounge in the new house. It’s not much, but it’s home.

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