Music Monday

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Ok, so this week’s Music Monday I have to apologise for. There wasn’t any new blog posts last week – sometimes you just need to take a week off alright? So this week’s playlist is a mixture of tracks from the last two weeks. If you’re thinking it’ll be a huge playlist, well then you’re wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve listened to a lot of music in the past two weeks. But nothing really stood out.

Nevertheless there are 16 tracks for you today! My favourite from this playlist is Off Bloom, it’s really catchy and puts you in a good mood so check that out first if you don’t want to listen to everything.


James TW – Different
Lord Huron – Until the Night Turns
Dennis Gundermann – 2 Places at Once
Adam Friedman – What If
SPC ECO – Under My Sking
AURORA – Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)
Maroon 5 – Cold
Off Bloom – Falcon Eye
Dan Caplen – Blinded By The Lights
MiC LOWRY – Oh Lord
Jolan – Somebody Else
Fink – Looking Too Closely
Jack Vallier – Rebekah
Ben Hobbs – Shame
Mr Sanka – Be Easy
Broods – Heartlines (Acoustic)

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