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Isolation Diaries: Part 2

Over the past few weeks of isolation, one of the biggest lessons to be learnt is: you can’t control situations, people or the outcome. What you can control is what you do, how you react and how you take care of yourself. So, for this long-overdue second instalment of the isolation diaries, we’re talking about self-care.


Isolation Diaries: Part 1

It’s a strange and uncertain time for all of us. Regardless of where we live, we are more connected than ever by the current pandemic


200-mile challenge

We’re six days into February, January had been rubbish health-wise (both mentally and physically, but mostly physically), I was back on track. I had good


January is not my friend

Welcome to a very delayed New Year post! With February just around the corner, I’m wondering how many of us are ready to say goodbye


Book one – done and dusted

It has finally happened – the book is officially done and dusted and in my hands. Within the first few hours of actively promoting it,

on sale now

fuck this: living with mental health