Photo Manipulation Tutorials

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Whether you’re a master at photo manipulation or just learning the ropes in Photoshop, there are always new tricks to be learnt to give your artwork that professional touch. More often than not the big corporate campaigns are designed in Photoshop. They take elements of stock imagery and superimpose their product or focal point into a rendered scene created entirely on a computer.

But you wouldn’t think that such results could be achieved in just Photoshop alone. You’d think it had something to do with the way the photographer took the photos, or you’d think that the location of the photographs truly is that spectacular. Well you couldn’t be more wrong. You’d be surprised at the type of insane concepts that you can create with a little bit of retouching, a few drop shadows and a few cut outs.

Here are ten high-quality Photoshop tutorials for beginners and veterans in the world of photo manipulation.

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