Boston Celtics

70 Year Anniversary

Logo, branding, marketing and a commemorative magazine designed as part of the MA Graphic Design undertaken at the University of Hertfordshire.

Here sport was investigated to be a nostalgic timeless event that brings generations together. As a result the whole feel of the project looks at vintage design and how it can work in the modern era to celebrate the Boston Celtics’ milestone 70 year anniversary.


August 2015 – March 2016


Branding and editorial design


University of Hertfordshire


Taking on an iconic brand.

A brand with 70 years of experience is no easy feat to reimagine as a vintage brand. The Boston Celtics logo is iconic and nostalgic in its own right. It was therefore important to capture the brand without radically changing it too much to the point that it becomes unrecognisable. The logos designed remained true to the Boston Celtics current branding in terms of colours and clover emblem.


Something for everyone.

With sport being a generational activity, this project needed to appeal to all audiences. The magazine in particular looks to form a series of issues for the full anniversary year, culminating in a library of commemorative magazines to be engaged with for generations to come. Whether you’re a young fan courtside with your dad or a fan of 40 years, this brand has the nostalgia everyone has for sport at some point in their lifetime.

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