Print is not dead

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This past week I began studying for my masters in graphic design. As an introductory task we were asked to design something made from paper – it could be whatever we wanted so long as it was made without instructions. Having worked in the newspaper industry for three years I came up with the idea of use newspaper clippings to spell out the phrase ‘print is not dead.’ There are many arguments in the design world today for and against this sentiment, I for one am a firm believer in print and what it stands for.

Print is far more than just a magazine or a newspaper on the shelf in your local newsagent; it’s packaging, posters, dvd covers, advertising and brochures just to name a few. Though graphic design is made digitally on screen through Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator, the digital version we see on screen will always look different once printed. The paper absorbs the ink and adds texture and imperfections that make print design so unique. Even today designers are keen to replicate old school design printing techniques digitally through texture because the results are so interesting.

Popular printing techniques such as letterpress, screen printing and the use of halftones for added texture and dimension, are rare to comeby today. But they are making a comeback in such a huge way. Over the past few years while I was defining my niche style of vintage typography and illustration I discovered so many designers in America that were recreating these styles for businesses to set them apart from their mainstream corporate competetitors. Looking back through books and design websites such as Dribbble and Behance you can easily see a resurgance of this vintage and retro style that I love so much. It’s fascinating to see how popular it has now become, yet the overall look can be challenging to achieve.

As a looked for a topic to research for my masters it made sense to stick to what I know, love and what excites me about design. Of course for different clients we have to reign in styles and change things up, but vintage American design in the modern world is something truly inspires me.

Print is far from dead, and there are so many designers out there who can argue the same.

Welcome to this new topic coming to you from the home of District23. Lets keep print alive.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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