Project Type: Marketing

NTSU Students’ Union Awards

The annual Students’ Union Awards at one of the biggest events in the calendar. It’s a night of celebration for students, and their participation in courses, societies and the community.

SKT 2020

For the fourth year of collaboration with STK Welfare, we updated the look and feel of the social media campaign. The messaging behind the brand remained the same, but with an updated modern and traditional design.

Hull Takeover 2019

Five of Hull’s most successful shows hit the road in 2019 as part of Hull Takeover at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Working with Absolutely Cultured and the Hull2017 team, marketing and promotional materials were designed for all shows, and a cross-fold brochure for the takeover.

District23 rebrand

Rebrand and relaunch of District23. Plus ongoing graphics and marketing materials.

Trent Freshers 2019

Visual identity for the print and digital campaigns used during Freshers’ Week by Nottingham Trent Students’ Union.

GF Entertainment

GFE are a well established events company who were in need of an updated marketing pack to send out to clients. Their branding was kept the same, but the format of the marketing pack was changed from previous years to produce a cleaner final brochure.

SKT Welfare

Working with SKT Welfare for the third year on their tin designs and promotional marketing to support their causes in Syria, Palestine and various other Asian countries.

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