Vintage Travel Postcards Showcase

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With technology making it so easy to keep connected to our loved ones whilst on holiday, there is rarely ever a need to purchase postcards anymore. Most postcards however are photographic. You may purchase one because your photography skills just aren’t as good. Or you may be sentimental and create scrapbooks of your holiday and fill them with postcards – that’s my mum.

Vintage travel postcards however are not like the postcards we get today.

The vintage travel postcards are what you see on They are now so iconic they have become art. You’ll instantly know the ones I’m talking about when you view the showcase below. The 3D text with images of the city clipped inside the letters. The muted, yet bold colour palette. The bold stroke of the text. Of course not forgetting the ‘greetings from …’ slogan. These are all iconic to the now vintage travel postcard.

Perhaps if postcards still looked like this kind of art they would be used more. But that’s doubtful.

Technology has changed the face of postcards – and snail mail in general. As a result the design of postcards has changed and adapted to fit the new purpose as a keepsake more than a form of travel communication.

These vintage travel postcards however show how the right design can make snail mail interesting and exciting to receive. They also depict a simpler time in terms of communication, but also when stripped back, these designs are incredibly easy to recreate. They mostly represent the United States and became signature to travel in America. But who cares about their origin. Their vintage look is inspiring to look at.


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