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When I bought the house in December 2017 the house I was living in at the time was incredibly damp. Downstairs was cold and damp. Immediately I would retreat upstairs and hide away in bed – a) because it was warm and b) because it was the nicest place to be.

However, I didn’t want this habit to transfer over into the new house. Especially as I had bought it. That’s a lot of money to spend on a whole house and to only use one room. The living room went through its revamp first so I could be a grown adult and not retreat to bed every waking hour of the day.


By no means is blank canvas a bad place to start. White and minimal works for some people, but not for me. With the house being Victorian it craves life and bold colour. It’s the new modern twist on Victorian interior design. Though the house lacks some of the traditional features, the coving in the living room is original. It brings a sense of grandeur to the room that was once probably the parlour. If you imagine that sentence being said by George Clarke, it sounds a lot better.

The bay window brings in natural light all day long. The white walls make it very noticeable just how much light the room gets.

One added bonus here, other than the original coving, is the hardwood floor. All of the downstairs (other than the kitchen) has oak hardwood floors which are beautiful. Though I have slipped on them several times when trying to reenact Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Other than the odd scratch the was created during the moving in process, the floor is perfect. But you know what? The house is not a show house, scratches and scuffs show life. Plus, it’s costs too much to replace hardwood floors!

Photos from the estate agent listing. White, white and more white.


Within the space of two weeks the living room was decorated. The warm tones of Dulux’s 2017 Colour of the Year Denim Drift helped remove the off-white colour previously used on the walls. I would love to have gone darker. The popular choice seems to be Farrow and Ball’s Railings. I however feared it would be too dark and light that comes in from the bay window. Especially as I was planning on carrying the colour through to the dining room for consistency.

Side note: a house that’s painted white when you buy it is a great blank canvas. I didn’t have to decorate. It was a personal choice as white is not my personality or the feel of home I wanted.

The living room has original plaster coving that at some point could use some restoring. It was a little tricky in places to get a straight line between the coving and blue wall. But it works. You can’t really notice the aging of the coving unless you look closely. Should you choose to look up at the ceiling rather than round the room, you’d assume I was just really bad at cutting in (decorating term). You’d also notice how high the ceiling is – one of things I love so much about this house.

All the furniture I had for the living room that I had travelled from Hull a couple of years ago still fitted in perfectly. There was just the addition of an IKEA glass cabinet earlier this year to really finish off the Victorian / Modern / Industrial theme I was trying to achieve. The mix of red and blue, bold comic artwork and soft furnishings made the room feel like home as soon as the colour went on the wall.

It doesn’t take much for a quick facelift in room. Whether it be the change in wall colour, or a new piece of furniture. It only took two days to revamp the living room and for the house to feel more like a home.

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