Brackenhurst is literally a breath of fresh air.


Surrounded by water, woodlands, and elegant gardens, Brackenhurst is a university experience with a difference.

Events at Brackenhurst campus have struggled in the past to interest the students. As a result the co-ordinators at Brackenhurst are receptive to different styles of designs to make their events stand out from their sister campuses.


What you see here is a display of brand new events created in the 2016/17 academic calendar, all of which allowed for experimentation with textures and illustration to bring these events to life.

project details

Client: Nottingham Trent Students’ Union
Assets: Branding, posters, flyers and social media
Year: 2017


Attention to detail in illustration has allowed for events at Brackenhurst to be given a new lease on life. This is incredibly important as those at Brackenhurst feel their events don’t meet the same expectations as those on the other campuses.


It’s all about the details.


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