World Kindness Day

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Happy World Kindness Day! It’s been about a month since the doctors took away my daily dose of anxiety and depression suppressing Sertraline. Despite the horror stories of side effects once you come off the medication, I seem to have come away quite lightly.

Finding ways to suppress my frustration and keep my irritability in check has been quite the challenge – particularly in a working environment. I’ve found I’m able to sleep better with no signs of night terrors or sleep paralysis (just yet – though I remain hopeful that part of my awful sleep is gone for good). But most of all, the worst side effect for me is knowing there’s no cap on my limitations. Meaning – I’ll push myself too far now because the boundaries that kept me restricted before are no longer in place.

It’s important to remember that World Kindness Day is about more than just being kind to others. You should be kind to yourself too. So, in aide of World Kindness Day I thought I’d share some of the ways I’m trying to be kind to myself to stay level headed. And when I say “stay”, I say that loosely.

Home gym

It’s a luxury to have a gym at home. One walk out the kitchen door and I’ve arrived at the outhouse I had converted earlier in the year. My workout habits have changed completely with the installation of a home gym. I used to be a strict 3 times a week 40 minutes a time gym goer. Now I’m more of a 4-5 times a week for 25 minutes at a time. Even if I feel guilty for missing I day, I don’t beat myself up about it for too long. But the main reason for having a home gym wasn’t laziness or a need to lose weight. It’s been made for my own mental health. There is always an outlet in the house to blow off some steam and release some good old-fashioned endorphins.

Good food

There are a few things you can do to make a difference to your mental health and be kind to yourself. Diet is one of them. If you take care of your physical health, your mental health will follow. I dedicate my Sunday afternoons to meal prep for the week. That was I know I’ve got a lunch hitting all the macros needed to survive the day, and a hearty meal to come home to lurking in the fridge or the freezer. It takes the pressure off yourself when the week takes its toll.

Getting out of the city

Living in a city environment is great in so many ways. But sometimes the greenery is missing and you just need to get away. When I feel like I need a break from my own mess of a house (due to all the DIY not because I’m a messy person), I head over to my mums just 40 minutes away. Walks in the country, being with family and blowing off the diet for the weekend, makes all the difference every once in a while.

Me day

Now this is a work in progress but I try to have one day to myself. If not a whole day, then an evening. And when I say a me day, I mean I don’t want to leave the house. Whether it’s life admin, watching TV, having a lie in, treating yourself to a bath rather than a shower – everyone deserves a me day.

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