Creative sports design in newspapers

 In Print Is Not Dead

A lot of my research about editorial design in the digital age tends to gravitate towards magazine design. This is generally because access is a lot easier – and I am therefore guilty of using a digital version of a magazine, either a blog, website or a copy on Issuu, which is controversial to my debate as I believe print is far from dead. But with newspapers editorial design works very differently.

For newspapers there are strict rules to follow in terms of layout, fonts, heading sizes, column widths etc. This leaves very little wiggle room to design a newspaper that’s as visually engaging as the newspapers website that can embed galleries and attach pdfs of infographics to be viewed at full size. In saying this there is one particular niche of newspaper design that calls for a more creative eye, and that is sport. Any sport project that gets thrown my way I take by the horns and get completely absorbed in it because it’s such a great opportunity to take statistics from just numbers and turn it into a creative shape that will stand out in a sea of newsprint.

Below are some examples of creative sports design in newspapers that believe to be key to editorial design staying ahead of the digital age. Visually they are engaging as the designs are flowed around the main body text, there’s an injection of colour that you don’t see in newspapers very often and you have a limited amount of space to work with as newspapers are restricted to page numbers due to their quick turnarounds – whereas a magazine can fluctuate until the day of print, something a daily newspaper doesn’t have the luxury of.

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