Project 365

 In Design

I think we can all agree just how bad 2016 has been. Memes circulating the internet suggest in 50 years time our children will be sitting in history class learning about 2015 with the teacher saying “and next lesson we’ll learn about 2017” – completely bypassing this year in its entirety. 

To add to the blow, it’s been a year full of chaos for myself. I started off with great intentions to do project 365 and showcase typographical phrases everyday throughout the year to show. By the end of January I think it tailed off and I would sporadically post things on Instagram when I had the time.

Relaunching District23 and juggling jobs and a move this year made project 365 an unfortunate fail! There’s always next year though …

Here are nine of my favourite designs from this failure of a project 365.

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