Saying no to anxiety

My last post talked about the book I was writing (which has now been sent out to be edited and proofread – scary stuff). And even though the book is about taking control of your mental health, my anxiety is still a little out of control. Writing everything down has helped get some control back […]

This is not the book I thought I’d be writing

It’s no secret that I struggle with mental health – I like to think it’s quite an open discussion. As much as I discuss it for my own wellbeing, it’s also important to talk about mental health to help others feel less alone in their own struggles. Because, let’s face it, mental health (good or […]

District23 says it’s okay not to be okay

When people talk about mental health, they usually talk about getting you to a stage of recovery. They don’t talk about how recovery is an ongoing process. Whether your recovery includes counselling, medication or lifestyle changes, it’s a process that doesn’t come to an end because you suddenly feel better. It’s okay to allow yourself […]

Being freelance on the Being Freelance podcast

A couple of weeks ago I was featured on Steve Folland’s Being Freelance podcast.  Steve and I met briefly at the IPSE Freelancer of the Year awards in June. I, was at the time, on the panel for mental health when Steve originally came by to my stall in the freelancer showcase. Luckily, he came […]

World Kindness Day

Happy World Kindness Day! It’s been about a month since the doctors took away my daily dose of anxiety and depression suppressing Sertraline. Despite the horror stories of side effects once you come off the medication, I seem to have come away quite lightly. Finding ways to suppress my frustration and keep my irritability in […]

Welcome to my living room

When I bought the house in December 2017 the house I was living in at the time was incredibly damp. Downstairs was cold and damp. Immediately I would retreat upstairs and hide away in bed – a) because it was warm and b) because it was the nicest place to be. However, I didn’t want […]

Turning 27

Last Friday I turned the grand old age of 27. It got me thinking, am I where I want to be? The truth is, currently I’m in a state of waves. One, minute you’re coasting at a steady speed and then suddenly you hit the rocks and the current gets pretty rough. Both have their […]

World Mental Health Day

The focus of this year’s World Mental Health Day is on young people and mental health in a changing world. 50% of all mental health problems manifest by the age of 14, with one in four people in the UK experiencing a mental health issue every year. It’s incredibly common to suffer from depression or […]

The journey from house to home

In February 2017 I decided it was time to give up on renting and become the homeowner I’d dreamed of since I was 16. It turns out finding a house to make a home is a lot harder when purchasing than it is when renting. Luckily I was able to escape some steps as I […]

Taking time out to disconnect

It’s very rare that I truly take some valuable me time. If I’m not at the full-time graphic design job, I’m at home slugging away on freelance work. If I’m not doing some sort of graphic design I’m training in the gym or renovating the house. It’s been pretty full on recently. So, when the […]

Is Instagram becoming the new design portfolio?

It would be very hypocritical of me to tell you that keeping your design portfolio updated is incredibly important. It’s no secret that I’m awful at keeping things up-to-date around here. Sometimes I can be really good and blog every week. Other times it goes quiet for months at a time. This also applies to […]

Sounds from the studio – May 2018

Once upon a time, back when I posted on here three times a week, I dedicated Monday to a post related to music. This usually featured ten tracks from the previous week that had caught my attention. The ridiculous schedule of posting a blog three times a week because exhausting. It stemmed from personal pressure […]

District23 pushes to break the mental health stigma

For long-time readers and followers of my work you will have heard of District23. For those that haven’t, District23 is an extension of Caitlin McEvoy Studio with a focus on mental health and wellness. This past week District23 unveiled its new look, new website and a bigger focus on mental health. It seemed fitting to […]

Prints sustainability – is it as bad as we think?

During my masters research, an area of print that I looked at in great detail was its sustainability and impact on the environment. While there will always be haters saying how bad print is, there is equally as much damage – if not more – to the environment with the increase in our digital usage. […]

Top ten songs on repeat in the studio right now

Sometimes you can’t help but push the button on Spotify to change the playlist from shuffle to play one song on repeat. The continuous loop of the same song on repeat may drive some people crazy, but to me, sometimes it’s a necessity. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything music related here. I […]

Tropical design trend showcase

Rewind a few weeks and I’m stood in H&M home picking out a new duvet cover. It’s a tropical pattern. Not neon or garishly bright, but tasteful greens and just enough pattern without being overwhelming. This is a huge shift in what I usually like in bedding. Previously it had been chequered in industrial tones […]

Keep yourself on track when you’re a freelancer or self-employed

It’s not easy to keep yourself motivated 100 percent of the time. If it were then perhaps everyone on this Earth would be tapping into the full potential of their brains at all times. Unless you have an addiction to ADHD pills, chances are you lack focus from time-to-time. When your focus goes, so does […]

Stranger Things season 2 showcase

If you didn’t already know, the second season of Stranger Things was released on Netflix on Friday 27th October, 2017. Since then the design world has been taken by storm with a series of fan art inspired by both the tv show and the original artwork by Kyle Lambert. The first season similarly produced a crazy […]

When is it time to walk away from a client?

One of the most asked questions by people starting out as a freelancer is where do you find your clients? From that mind-set it must be difficult to imagine turning clients away. Sometimes you haven’t got the capacity to take on new work. But on occasion a relationship just doesn’t work out. So, you have […]

NME print closure is a sad loss to the music press

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 – after 66-years in circulation the iconic NME magazine announces the end to its printed publication. While it will cease to be in physical form, NME will live on digitally through its website This is yet another shift in music culture, but an even bigger hit to the music press. […]

Why are skateboard decks so awesome?

Tony Hawk. Rodney Mullen. Bam Magara. Eric Koston. These were the names of skateboarders I was familiar with growing up thanks to a classic Playstation game called Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. Graphics for video games have come on a long way since people were replicated as pixelated blocks, but I still happily play this […]

Freelance life – Taking a year off

I took a year off from freelancing and my clients were still there when I came back. On Thursday 15th February myself and few established freelancers joined IPSE and Nottingham Trent University to give advice to current students in the Midlands about the freelancing industry. There were two guest speakers and three of us on the […]

Gig poster inspiration showcase

For a long time in the design world, creating an album cover was the ultimate goal for many designers. But since the music industry has moved on, such a goal is not necessarily easy to tick off the bucket list. A small square on Spotify for album artwork just doesn’t have the same feel as […]

Illustrative camping design inspiration

Usually a showcase post here looks at designs that have recently inspired me. Though this post is the same, there is a continuative theme for this week’s inspiration showcase. That theme is illustrative camping designs. Think outdoors and nature. Think bold colours with trees and animals scattered about. If you’ve got that image in your […]

Stack: the subscription that keeps on giving

For the last 12 months I have been subscribed to Stack. For those that don’t know, Stack is an independent magazine subscription service that delivers a new magazine to your door every month. What that magazine will be, you have to wait and see. But it’s been a subscription that keeps on giving. Founder Steven […]

Significant Changes Made in the Last Year

Day-to-day when you think about how your year has progressed you may not notice much of a change. However, if you think about where you were last year compared to where you are in this moment, you’ll notice significant changes. At least I have. Usually people would reflect back on their year at the end […]

Why is there such a stigma surrounding print?

The ongoing division between print and digital leaves a sour taste in a designers’ mouth. The discussion that print is dead finds this particular designer challenging everything about the inevitable shift to a digital world. But why is there such a stigma regarding print? One of the biggest myths surrounding print is the sustainability of […]

Vintage Travel Postcards Showcase

With technology making it so easy to keep connected to our loved ones whilst on holiday, there is rarely ever a need to purchase postcards anymore. Most postcards however are photographic. You may purchase one because your photography skills just aren’t as good. Or you may be sentimental and create scrapbooks of your holiday and […]

Falling back in love with Wacom

Wacom tablets are designers digital pen and paper. They’re not for everyone. You’ll probably see illustrators with them more so than graphic designers due to the ease of rendering and digitising the intricate details of illustrations. Graphic designer do use them on occasion though. This past week I rediscovered my love for the Wacom tablet […]

90s inspired poster design showcase

This showcase is for the designers who take the trend and blow it out of the water. The 80s and 90s are cool. Not just cool, but way cool. No way? Yes way. It’s a big trend in design right now. The Memphis Movement has taken video animations and social media promotions by storm. Now […]

Comic Sans Challenge – Logo Design

Every once and a while it’s important for designers to do something completely out of their comfort zone. Comic Sans is out of most designers area of expertise. That is mostly because of our hate/hate relationship with the typeface. This week I set myself the challenge to create something using Comic Sans as the only […]

Feeling stuck can be a good thing

At some point or other you’ll find yourself feeling stuck. Whether that be in your personal or professional life. So long as you realise that it’s not a permanent state of mind then you’ll become unstuck. It just takes some time. There’s a saying a friend of mine used to have as their laptop background […]

Why we should design and print in pure CMYK

We all know that the physical print process happens in CMYK. For those that don’t know, now you do. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key – or black as it’s more commonly known. While we design printed articles in CMYK and print in CMYK why is it that we do not design purely […]

Graphic Design roles are changing

To make it as a designer in any shape or form these days you need to be well-rounded, and have skills in almost every department. Sounds crazy, right? It is. But clients and businesses expect more from their designers. If you’re a logo designer but know how to animate too, then you’re quids in. Clients […]

Music for that Friday feeling

Happy Friday! Or should I say Fri-yay? Too hipster? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. It’s been a while since I posted anything music related. The last Music Monday was back in February so I think you’re all due an update on some music that will get you through the weekend. As always it’s a […]

Choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business

Starting an online store with e-commerce can be a tricky thing. A lot more goes into e-commerce than simply selling. You’ve come up with a grand master plan to take over the business world. You hope to make a million in the space of a year and be living on a private yacht in the […]

A week in Barcelona – What a city!

If you read my last post you will know that I was in Barcelona last week. A beautiful city full of character and charm. It’s somewhere I recommend everyone to visit. I’ll be back one day to do it all again. Sitting by the pool all day and having a tanning holiday is not for […]

Anxiety in Barcelona

Time needs to slow down. Last week I was in Barcelona and now I’m back into my routine of work, gym, work and sleep. It’s almost as if the holiday never happened. However, it did. The incredible architecture will forever be remembered, as will the vivacity of the city. It’s such a change of pace […]

The Rise and Fall of Print and Digital News

It is with heavy heart that the news this week has been engaged with in print and online. There will always be tragedy that is prevalent in the media, some more devastating than others. While it is the news’ job to keep us informed of events as they unfold, in this digital age we are […]

District23 Playlists

It’s Music Monday but with a twist. As always the usual playlist has been updated with the best tracks of the past week. There are 31 songs for you this week! But today I wanted to give you some music that was a bit more genre specific and straight from the District23 studio. As you’re […]

Playing Cards Reimagined

Graphic design comes in all shapes and sizes. Today it comes in the form of playing cards. They are an overlooked form of design. Their straight edges and slight rounded corners are simplistic in shape. Yet they are iconic to what a standard playing card shape should be. The actual design however can be reinterpreted as many […]

February Favourites

February has come and gone. How are we now in the third month of the year? We’re almost a quarter of the way through 2017. That blows my mind. It feels like I haven’t accomplished all that much other than eating and sleeping. Last month I gave you my January favourites. This month I don’t […]

Music Monday

Ok, so this week’s Music Monday I have to apologise for. There wasn’t any new blog posts last week – sometimes you just need to take a week off alright? So this week’s playlist is a mixture of tracks from the last two weeks. If you’re thinking it’ll be a huge playlist, well then you’re wrong. […]

Festival Design Showcase

The weather is drab outside here in the UK. Many are longing for the hot summer days – beer in hand and good music to listen to. I can’t bring summer to you, but I can bring you summer vibes. Festival season will be here before you know it.

What’s so great about festival season, other than the music, is the artwork. Their design is something that really inspires me. It’s eye-catching, bold, colourful and attention grabbing. What’s not to love?

The designs are also expressive in its typography choices and illustration. Each event generally has its own unique look, making the festival iconic for its sound and aesthetic.

In todays showcase you’ll find a mixture of complex illustrations, bold colours and experimental design.

Music Monday

THIS WEEK’S PLAYLIST Sam Woolf – Fast ‘n’ Dirty Sebastian Kole – Carry On Port Cities – On the Nights You Stay Home Jake Etheridge – To Me Molly Kate Kestner – Good Die Young Jackson Breit – Sunny Side LYRA – Emerald Novo Amor – Anchor Alex Da Kid – Not Easy Mac Demarco […]

Inside a Graphic Designers Bookshelf

As Graphic Designers we get inspiration from everywhere, particularly from books. I have a lot of design books on my bookshelf and here are just five that give me inspiration on a daily basis. Ad Boy Threadless Scripts People of Print Gig Posters Volume 1 If you have any suggestions […]

Music Monday

It was a good week for music in the studio last week. 2017 really has started strong in the way of finding new artists to bring to you all. It’s a very chilled playlist this week, which makes a change from last weeks. Shoutouts go Matt Wertz, Tom Grennan and Sampha – these have been […]

How to become a Graphic Designer

Welcome one an all to another video. Today I’ll be talking about how to become a graphic designer. It’s not always an easy road but the most important thing about your journey is to stay true to who you are as a designer. Remember that you’ll have much more success with a style that’s unique to […]

Design Timelapses

Get inspired with illustrators timelapses! Have you got creative block? Do you need inspiration but are bored of your usual sources? When Pinterest and Behance don’t give me the inspiration I need, Vimeo and YouTube does. There are a few designers out there that share snippets of their process in video format. These design timelapses […]

Music Monday

It’s another mixed bag this week for Music Monday. As last week progressed my taste changed and I found myself listening to more urban and hip-hop than my usual chilled tunes. But who doesn’t like change every once in a while? Change is good! Shout outs to my favourite tracks this week go to Rooney, […]

Lounge Tour

A couple of weeks ago I talked briefly talked about how moving is a process – and it really is. My new place isn’t finished yet thanks to damp in the hallway which is slowing the process down. The majority of the house is the way I want it but there are still things I move […]

Banana Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Loaf

There’s never a dull day when there’s a banana loaf on the kitchen table fresh from the oven. It’s an even better day when that banana loaf is turned into a banana hazelnut chocolate chip loaf.
Bananas in a cake is always a good idea. I tend to buy mine incredibly green when I do my shopping, forget about them for a week or two and then when they’re just about to turn from ripe to really bad it’s time to get baking.
During the week I plan my food out – it’s a strict gym diet of chicken, rice and vegetables. On the weekend though the diet goes out the window. At least with a banana cake you feel slightly healthy, and the hazelnuts and chocolate give it a little boost in protein.

Music Monday

Logging into my account this morning to check on the number of scrobbles from last week: total equals 690. Should it be any surprise then that this weeks Music Monday has a total of 18 tracks?! It’s a mixed bag this Monday. There’s some chilled indie, country, and a little bit of rap too. So if […]

January Favourites

It might not be the end of January for another week, give or take a few days, but who says you can only share your favourites at the end of the month? So I’m breaking the mould and giving you my January Favourites a few days early! The weather this month has been unpredictable. It’s […]

Music Monday

Welcome back to Music Monday fellow music addicts. The weather is grim, it’s cold and some of you may even have had some snow in the last few days (lucky!). Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean all the music has to mellow. This week’s Music Monday is surprisingly upbeat for a January. With me being […]

The Big Move

In November I packed up my apartment, quit my job and moved from Hull to Nottingham to start the next chapter of my life. Is moving everything I wanted it to be? Of course not, but it’s only been nine weeks. In those nine weeks a lot has changed for me. ILLNESS There has been […]

Music Monday

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you successfully survived your first week of 2017 without too many glitches. For new readers I’d like to welcome you to the weekly Monday post that is Music Monday. Each week I listen to a ridiculous amount of music and I like to give you the best findings from my […]

Bible Verses

Bible verses and typography go hand-in-hand in this showcase of creative typography. For longtime readers you’ll know my love of typography is rooted deep. But what kind of typography influences me right now? That’s easy. Bible verses displayed in typographical format is something that inspires me on a daily basis. Creative typography and Bible verses […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to 2017! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and started the new year off with a bang. As always it’s that time of year where we think about the things we want to achieve in the next 12 months. If you’re anything like me, I never stick to […]

Alternative Christmas Playlist

Move over Wham! and Mariah Carey, the festive season isn’t all about you. Bring some indie alternative chilled vibes to your Christmas this year.

Project 365

I think we can all agree just how bad 2016 has been. Memes circulating the internet suggest in 50 years time our children will be sitting in history class learning about 2015 with the teacher saying “and next lesson we’ll learn about 2017” – completely bypassing this year in its entirety.  To add to the […]

The Memphis Movement

You know the crazy chaotic patterns of the 1980s and 1990s? The ones that you saw in the Saved By The Bell intro or on Will Smith’s clothes in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air are some of the most iconic seamless patterns in graphic design – and they’re making a comeback. If you’ve read […]

Photo Manipulation Tutorials

Whether you’re a master at photo manipulation or just learning the ropes in Photoshop, there are always new tricks to be learnt to give your artwork that professional touch. More often than not the big corporate campaigns are designed in Photoshop. They take elements of stock imagery and superimpose their product or focal point into […]

How to Build a Successful Brand

When I started District23 back in November 2013 I knew nothing about building a brand. Almost three years on and things have changed considerably. I’ve researched brand ethics, niche markets, made connections, and looked at the best ways for a brand to thrive in competitive market. Many brands today exist purely online, therefore it’s important […]

Scandinavian Inspired Geometric Posters

2016 for graphic design has been heavily focused on the term modern retro – basically anything from the 1970s to the 1990s. You’ll notice that even interior design is going down the route of 1970s inspired Scandinavian living and the same is true for how graphic design has been approached this year. One of the […]

Music Monday

Happy Monday one and all! I hope you’re feeling refreshed after the weekend. If not refreshed then  slightly more in the land of the living after a couple of days out of the office. Here’s something to get you going through the Monday blues. These six tracks have been played non-stop this week in the […]

30 Ampersands to Inspire Your Typography Journey

As designers we’re always encouraging our clients that less is more. Less text, less words and less rambling will make what you’re selling all the more appealing. We can’t just magic words away – we’re good but not that good. We can only work with what we’ve been given after all. Today’s showcase is a […]

District23 Indie Mix

Do you ever walk into a shop and think to yourself, “wow, they play really good music in here”? Oh, just me then? With District23 being an online only store I don’t get the opportunity to share the playlists that would be played in an actual shop. Today however I give you the District23 indie […]

1980s Inspired Stranger Things Posters

Hopefully by now you’re aware of the show Stranger Things. If not, where have you been hiding for the past few weeks?! In case you missed the memo, Stranger Things is all things reminiscent of the 1980s. It’s exactly the type of show that we didn’t know we needed. It’s quirky, funny, dramatic, thrilling, loaded […]

Spotify Taste Rewind

Having listened to the decades playlists on Spotify so many times I came across Spotify Taste Rewind. Like their send of year review, Taste Rewind looks at your listening history and finds you tracks that fit your listening tastes if you were around throughout the decades. The playlists generated are categorised into 60s, 70s, 80s, […]

Olympics inspired design

When the Olympics comes around once every four years everyone around the world is even more glued to their television screens for the duration of two weeks. It’s the greatest sporting event of the summer and its where athletes show their pride for their country. Now I find myself as a pretty athletic person, but […]

District23 relaunch

We hope the District23 that is unveiled today will resonate with you or your loved ones as we take this journey together seeking to change the way people think and view the world around them. The last time District23 released anything new was back in September of last year. In November 2015 I was nominated […]

Love is love is love

It’s safe to say that recent events have shaken people, making us confused, angry and feeling every emotion under the sun. Without getting too political or opinionated I will say that the Orlando shootings were a hate crime on the LGBTQ community. Just when it’s becoming normal, and the world is beginning to see that […]

Music Monday

How is it Monday again? I say this every week but the weekend goes far too quickly – it seems like I’ve blinked and it’s Monday again. But lets not grumble too much as a new week means more new music to be discovered. Last week I found more soft, chilled and mellow sounds which […]

The best of Euro 2016

The summer of sport officially kicks off today with the beginning of the UEFA European Championship. Then it’ll be time for Wimbledon and the much anticipated Olympics! With any big sporting event promotional and marketing material is huge – especially when football is concerned. So in this post you’ll see some of my favourite designs […]

Do’s and don’ts at the gym

There are many reasons why people don’t enjoy the gym environment – it’s not for everyone. But for me it’s a home away from home. However a lot of the time it’s like being back at University and living in a frat house with all the disgusting habits that are stereotypical of a male dominated […]

Music Monday

Last week was one hell of a long week considering it was Bank Holiday Monday and therefore only a four day work week. Between work, freelance, university studies and the gym I was left feeling incredibly defeated. But never fear, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. There were some great tunes played to help get me through […]

Thank you Callie Torres

She came into our lives on Grey’s Anatomy dancing in her underwear, living in the hospital as the great and independent bone-fixing Calliope Torres. After ten years on the show, Sara Ramirez’s character has left a completely different person. Needless to say there has been uproar on social media about Ramirez’s decision to take a […]


So far this year the music scene has been quite disappointing. I resorted to listening to old favourites earlier in the year to tide me over until I found new sounds that would make me fall in love with music again. Here we are in May and good news – I’ve come across a lot […]

WOTD – Conditioning

Finally Friday has arrived! This week’s training has been a struggle as I introduced some new exercises into my routine. They have exhausted me and every muscle in my body aches but when the workout is completed, damn, you feel good. Every month I try to target a muscle group or two and train them […]

Fitness favourites

Happy April everyone, let’s hope you don’t get pranked too much today! Now that we’re a quarter of the way through the year many will have slipped out of their New Year’s resolutions for fitness and a healthier lifestyle. It is hard to keep yourself motivated but it’s easy to get back into the swing […]

Egg-cellent design

Happy Easter one and all. It’s a time to be spent with your families remembering the sacrifice that was made so that we could live. Or as many would see it – chocolate day! No matter what your beliefs are, you cannot deny that Easter makes it truly feel like spring. My apartment has daffodils […]

Five albums to live and die by

It’s been a slow start to the year for new music. Sure Zayn Malik released his debut solo single, but the charts are still predominately dominated by Justin Bieber – nothing against his last album Purpose, but the same songs over and over again begin to get on your nerves. With very little music on […]

Banana oat Nutella swirl muffins

]Need a quick, easy, and healthy snack for your post-workouts? Or perhaps you just need breakfast on the go. These banana oat Nutella swirl muffins will give you the fibre, energy and just a little bit of sweetness you need to satisfy your stomach and your taste buds. They’re incredibly easy to make while also […]

Farewell to Daniel Bryan

For weeks now rumours have been circulating that WWE’s Daniel Bryan was looking to get out of his contract to jump ship to promotions like TNA and NJPW. On Monday, Bryan took to Twitter to inform fans that, with immediate effect, he would be retiring from wrestling due to medical reasons later confirming on Monday […]

What’s on the coffee table?

When browsing the newstands after the gym one Saturday morning in January I noticed that many of the magazines I used to read, or flick through, were no longer in print. But I found myself browsing through a different range of magazines that I hadn’t looked at before. Working in editorial design, and specialising in at […]

It’s not you, it’s them

It’s been a good three weeks or so since I last blogged about life in the design world. January is always a busy period for the self-employed freelance population as our clients demand more of us in the first few weeks in the year to make up for taking a week or two off over […]

2015 editorial research reflection

In October I sought out to investigate whether print was dead in the digital age with an emphasis on editorial design. In doing so I looked at newspaper and magazine design in great detail – what makes them successful, can they compete with blogging, what are the downsides of digital magazines? As I work in […]

Freelance like a pro

National Freelance Day is just around the corner, November 12 2015. For those self employed it is a day of celebration as we survive another year of working for ourselves in such a unique environment. This year I’ll be spending the evening at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden, London, for the Freelancer awards hosted […]

Top 20 movies

If you had to watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be? It’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many great films to choose from.

Remembering the 90s

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Long gone are the days of cassette tapes, video players, curly straws, beanbag races and relatively exciting prizes in McDonald’s Happy Meals. Yes, I am indeed talking about the good old days of the 90s. The nostalgia we have for the 90s seems to be making a huge […]

Design roundup

Every single day designers around the world post what they’re working on or projects they have completed. I bring you five of my favourite finds from the world wide web this week.

Five things to keep you inspired

Look for inspiration away from designers you admire, otherwise you’ll end up copying their style without truly finding a style that works best for you and your projects.

New York – Part 1

New York was an interesting experience to say the least. The initial culture shock of arriving to a neighbourhood riddled with graffiti in Brooklyn eventually wore off sometime on day three.