February Favourites

February has come and gone. How are we now in the third month of the year? We’re almost a quarter of the way through 2017. That blows my mind. It feels like I haven’t accomplished all [...]

Lounge Tour

A couple of weeks ago I talked briefly talked about how moving is a process – and it really is. My new place isn’t finished yet thanks to damp in the hallway which is slowing the process [...]

January Favourites

It might not be the end of January for another week, give or take a few days, but who says you can only share your favourites at the end of the month? So I’m breaking the mould and giving you my [...]

The Big Move

In November I packed up my apartment, quit my job and moved from Hull to Nottingham to start the next chapter of my life. Is moving everything I wanted it to be? Of course not, but it’s only been [...]