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It’s Music Monday but with a twist. As always the usual playlist has been updated with the best tracks of the past week. There are 31 songs for you this week! But today I wanted to give you some music that was a bit more genre specific and straight from the District23 studio.

As you’re aware, wherever I am there is music playing. With so much music played I can easily give you my favourites of the week. But what about my favourites in a certain genre? District23 has released two new playlists for you to have a listen to – the Alt Playlist and the Folk Album. The Alt playlist will give you upbeat summer vibe tracks all year round. The Folk Album, however, will give you chilled acoustic sounds if that’s more your thing.

Similar to my Shizz playlist these are updated regularly – almost everyday. By giving the playlists a follow you’ll always be kept up-to-date with the best music of that genre from the District23 studio. There are many more to come your way. We’re just working on the finishing touches. But for now, turn the volume up and check out the playlists below!



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