District23 says it’s okay not to be okay

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When people talk about mental health, they usually talk about getting you to a stage of recovery. They don’t talk about how recovery is an ongoing process. Whether your recovery includes counselling, medication or lifestyle changes, it’s a process that doesn’t come to an end because you suddenly feel better.

It’s okay to allow yourself the bad days. Everyone’s recovery is different, and how we choose to live with our mental health varies from person to person, and their circumstances.

What works for me, might not work for you. But what works for you, might not work for me.

January is one of the toughest months in the calendar year. And it seems that a lot of people in the internet world found it to be the longest month (or year) ever.

Admittedly January was a rough start to 2019. But to turn that around it’s important to remind myself, and you reading this, that it’s okay not to be okay. While we have days dedicated to mental health, every once in a while, we need that reminder that we’re doing okay – and that everything we are feeling is perfectly normal.

To remind yourselves, and others, that it’s okay not to be okay, District23 has launched a new t-shirt and hoodie. Plus, as a bonus, a new beanie hat to keep yourself warm over the winter period.

*Shipping is worldwide but please bear in mind production and shipping can take some time. Everything is made to order. Customs charges may apply.

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