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Happy April everyone, let’s hope you don’t get pranked too much today! Now that we’re a quarter of the way through the year many will have slipped out of their New Year’s resolutions for fitness and a healthier lifestyle. It is hard to keep yourself motivated but it’s easy to get back into the swing of things even when you’re struggling. After all, a bad workout is better than no workout at all.

Here are some of my fitness favourites from the past month that have made all the difference to keep me in shape and motivated to push myself further in my training.

FitBit Charge

Available on Amazon for £74.99

I’m not usually one for gadgets but having a FitBit has motivated me to hit certain goals every day. The average step count in the United States is 10,000 and I currently average around 12,000 on a non-training day and up to 20,000 when I workout. I decided against the FitBit Charge with an integrated heart rate monitor as I’m such a hypochondriac that seeing my heart rate fluctuate throughout the day would be enough to give me a panic attack. I love how it tracks my miles throughout the day, but my favourite thing is how it monitors my sleep. I’m usually very restless and this tracks me at my worst pointing out when I’m at my most stressed. All useful stuff to know.

Kalenji Ekiden Active / Kalenji Kiprun

Available from Decathlon for £11.99 and £19.99

Most athletes will swear by Nike for their running shoes and I too would agree. The past few months I’ve lived in my Nike Revolution’s but have struggled to find Nike’s that are different in colour and style. However, a trip to Decathlon fixed this. Only being a 5.5 in shoe size means I get to take advantage of the junior shoe range which are usually wider in fit too.  Both of these pairs of shoes are a lot more comfortable than my Nikes. The neon colour of the Kiprun’s are enough to put a smile on your face during the hardest of workouts, and both feel more like wearing your household slippers than a pair of tight gym shoes. I couldn’t recommend them enough and you can get two pairs for the price of just one pair of Nikes.

Speed Rope

Lonsdale skipping rope at Sports Direct for £2.99

Unless you’re a distance runner no one really enjoys their cardio sessions. But we all need it to get the heart pumping, the blood flowing and the fat sweating. Incorporating skipping into my workout has vastly made a difference to the speed of my runs and the strength of my calves as the motion is like a calf raise with a jump – if that makes sense. The motion of swinging the rope also engages with your rotator cuffs and keeps your upper body involved in the workout. This is an excellent HIIT exercise to perform a few times throughout your workout and you’ll soon notice the difference it makes to both your cardio and strength training.


Available from Ikea from £2.75

One of the main things you hear from people in their fitness journey is how they struggle with their diet. I’m not nutritional expert and I used to have the worst relationship with food, but these Ikea lunchboxes help with portion control while making sure your food doesn’t get soggy and disgusting in the fridge. They’re available in a two-way split or three-way split compartments depending on what you usually prepare. I find the two-way split great for having chicken on one side and sweet potato on the other side. In the summer it’ll be great for salads to separate dressing, coleslaw, cous cous and meat into different sections so nothing gets ruined until lunch time. There are no excuses not to get good food into your body and this simple tupperware box might just be the answer to your struggles with portion sizes.

Foam Roller

MiraFit available on Amazon for £9.99

I’m not a massive fan of stretching as part of a warm up – I usually warm up the muscles as I go along. If I’m training arms I’ll start with light weights to loosen up everything to perform the exercises. However, our bodies well and truly take a pounding in the gym and having a sports massage once a week just isn’t a viable option. A foam roller can help loosen up your muscles in the same way a massage can. I purchased the bumpiest roam roller from TK Maxx to make sure it really works the muscles hard. My legs have noticed the biggest difference, with muscle pain reduced and my dodgy shoulder and rotator cuffs are beginning to feel the benefit too. Plus it’s soothing to have a massage regardless.

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