Playing Cards Reimagined

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Graphic design comes in all shapes and sizes. Today it comes in the form of playing cards.

They are an overlooked form of design. Their straight edges and slight rounded corners are simplistic in shape. Yet they are iconic to what a standard playing card shape should be. The actual design however can be reinterpreted as many times as possible. After all there are 52 cards to design. They can all look unique or completely uniform depending on the designer. Some may be heavy on illustration whereas others may take a completely new approach and focus on strong line work. Even the packaging is something that makes a them unique. A small product can provide great challenges to designers. You’ll be surprised at just how different each interpretation is.

In today’s showcase you’ll see playing cards reimagined. Kings and Queens will be given a facelift, the backs of the cards will display intricate line work and the illustrations will show how much detail you can pack into such a small canvas.

BROSMIND by Brosmind


playing cards brosmind

NOMAD by Chad Michael Studio


MOIRAI by Stuart West


playing cards stuart west



playing cards muti

HMNIM by Forefathers Group



AVIATOR by Dan and Dave Buck



EDGE by Mike





PATHFINDER by Mimetica



JOKER AND THE THIEF by Pedro Oyarbide


joker and the thief

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