Students' Union Awards

The annual Students’ Union Awards at one of the biggest events in the calendar. It’s a night of celebration for students, and their participation in courses, societies and the community.

A night to celebrate

The Students’ Union Awards takes place in the early weeks of term three. It showcases the highlights from a successful year at NTSU and gives students the opportunity to celebrate their successes with their peers.

The original artwork for the awards lacked a real direction and cohesive brand. The 2018 rebrand created icons for each individual category, a striking logo and new brand guidelines.

No awards night is complete without certificates, trophies, table plans and brochures. Marketing materials were also created for promotion of nominations for the awards.

Suited and booted to blend into the background like any other photographer and videographer, the night is captured as it unfolds. The photos are made available to students in Facebook. Both the video and photographic footage is used to promote the Students’ Union and what it does for its students.






Like many events in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic put a spanner in the works. For the 2020 SU Awards pre-recorded footage was created and pieced together into one video to be live streamed on Facebook. Motion graphics kept the footage engaging and allowed for the brand to continue evolving.