Social media marketing proposal to help Hull’s sporting and recreational charity promote their brand consistently.


The Challenge

As one of the leading sports and recreational facilities in Hull, Pelican Park runs mostly on volunteering staff members. However, their branding showed inconsistencies across print and digital platforms.

Having already worked with Pelican Park for a few years, when I suggested putting together a few ideas to help promote the brand as consistently as possible, they were keen to see what I could come up with.

The project was targeted towards growing their brand across social media channels with engaging graphics and illustrations.

small space for big impact

Social media campaigns have around three seconds to make an impact. Working within the confines of a 1080x1080px square, that could be utilised across all social media platforms, meant each pixel was important.

The branding essentially consisted of their main logo and colour scheme. To fix the inconsistencies I used easily accessible fonts, bold typography and developed illustrative characters from stock imagery.

With Pelican Park being a charity, their budget for marketing resources is quite limited. When it came to developing an illustrative style I looked at stock imagery that provided the most flexibility for customisation without breaking the bank.