trent freshers 2018

Visual identity for the print and digital campaigns used during Freshers’ Week by Nottingham Trent Students’ Union.

The Challenge

NTSU wanted to build one hub of Freshers’ content branded as ‘official’ to avoid confusion for new students who get caught out each year by external companies promoting their events as ‘official’.

The Project

In 2017, Freshers’ Week was rebranded. In 2018, the brand extended to the building of an ‘official’ website to house all the information new students to Nottingham needed to know.

Freshers' Week is the chance to utilise all tools in the toolbox

The campaign is the biggest event in the Students’ Union calendar. Staff all pitch in and take on roles out of their remit to make the week as successful for students as possible. As designer, it’s an opportunity to extend the brand further and dust off some tools in the toolbox that don’t get used very often.

The brand began developing in 2017 with a new logo, colour palette and style of imagery. It was really important that the brand could be developed  without needing an extensive redesign every year.  

In 2018 a dedicated Freshers’ website was built in WordPress away from the main NTSU website. The website was the biggest undertaking and took months to design and build. The final outcome was well received and used again for the 2019 campaign.

Ranging from website templates, media packs, brochures and leaflets to be sent to incoming students over the summer, the graphic design for Freshers’ Week is extensive.

Being the biggest event in the Students’ Union calendar, every part of the week gets documented in photography and video. These are then added to the website and social media to remind students of the week. But also used to construct promotional material for the following years Freshers’ Week.




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Trent Freshers' promotional opener

Each year the video displayed on the website and published on the NTSU social media channels is given a refresh. This is to include updated content from the previous years Freshers’ Week.

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