trent freshers 2019

Marketing materials – print, digital and video – for Freshers’ Week at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union

Freshers' Week is the chance to utilise all tools in the toolbox

The campaign is the biggest event in the Students’ Union calendar. Staff all pitch in and take on roles out of their remit to make the week as successful for students as possible. As designer, it’s an opportunity to extend the brand further and dust off some tools in the toolbox that don’t get used very often.

While keeping the brand the same as previous years, the 2019 Freshers’ Week was however, extended. This included branding the in-house events as Freshtival and therefore designing a logo and marketing material that fit the current Freshers’ Week brand guidelines.

The dedicated website was kept much the same as the 2018 design. However, slight tweaks were made to better fit the mobile first audience. The website was also rebuilt to look the same, but shifted from Visual Composer to Elementor.

As well as the usual updates of printed material (flyers, posters, roller banners and other marketing materials), animations were created to generate a buzz around Freshers’ Week on Instagram Stories. This was predominately down to it being NTSU’s most successful form of engagement on a social media platoform, and allowed for creativity in the type of material shared.

Being the biggest event in the Students’ Union calendar, every part of the week gets documented in photography and video. These are then added to the website and social media to remind students of the week. But also used to construct promotional material for the following years Freshers’ Week.



Trent Freshers' promotional opener

Each year the video displayed on the website and published on the NTSU social media channels is given a refresh. This is to include updated content from the previous years Freshers’ Week.

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