Stack: the subscription that keeps on giving

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For the last 12 months I have been subscribed to Stack. For those that don’t know, Stack is an independent magazine subscription service that delivers a new magazine to your door every month. What that magazine will be, you have to wait and see. But it’s been a subscription that keeps on giving.

Founder Steven Watson says: “There are piles of fantastic magazines out there just waiting to be discovered, and Stack makes it cheaper and easier than ever for people to find and enjoy them.” A subscription will cost you £70 a year. For that you get 12 magazines, working out to be just £5.83 per issue. The magazines that get delivered though range from £6 – £20rrp. Surely this is enough to sell you on the subscription?

What Stack does do however, is showcase the best of the independent scene.

If you’re a print enthusiast like myself, Stack opens your eyes to what the independent scene is producing on a monthly basis. Each issue is so different. One month you’ll receive a folded DL sized magazine in the form of Real Review. The next month you’re reading the popular Drift and being transported to coffee shops around the world.

Stack is aimed more towards the quirky print enthusiasts like myself – whom are happy to read anything and anything so long as it’s in physical form. The feel of the paper stocks each differ as does the binding and the shapes and sizes of each publication. But if you’re not so much into print, you’ll discover some interesting reading material.

Fortunately for me, Nottingham has access to a fair number of independent titles. Sometimes a Saturday morning spent flicking through magazines is one of the best chilled out things you can do. But if you want your regular publications on a monthly basis, then a subscription service like Stack is not for you. I don’t simply rely on Stack for all my monthly reading. I allow it to guide me to new publications that are thought provoking and immensely different to what I would usually pick up. Once a month I will pay a visit to the local magazine shop and peruse at my usual titles and even pick up something new.

The service will never replace the need for independent shops and I wouldn’t want it to.

The art of printed publications has been dying for years, there’s no denying it. But it is making a comeback through subscription services like Stack. The service will never replace the need for independent shops and I wouldn’t want it to. Neither would any print lover. What Stack does do however, is showcase the best of the independent scene.

Stack shares the experience of print with people worldwide, which is a great thing. Print isn’t simply dying in Britain, it’s an international issue. Print enthusiasts like Steven are providing a place for print to be shared. He brings hope to the print community that magazines will live on for generations to come.

Whether you’re a hardcore magazine reader, an occasional reader over a coffee or someone looking for something new to take you out of your comfort zone – give Stack a try. It’s a surprise every month, and a subscription that just keeps on giving.

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