Turning 28

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In just a couple of weeks time, I’ll turn the grand young age of 28. Not to be too dramatic, but I’ll be glad to leave the age of 27 behind.

It’s been a tough age. I started with good intentions of what I wanted to achieve – which I wrote about this time last year.

You can make all the lists you want, but I have a habit of writing them, forgetting about them and surprising myself with how much of the list I’ve completed subconsciously. Did that happen with this list? No, it did not. Expect for finishing off my house, which is now in its last stages of touchups on the snag list.

As much as 27 has been a tough age, it’s been an eye-opening one. It’s been the year I’ve worked on myself (and that will continue to be a work in progress). 

The truth is, even the hardest of times can be blessings in disguise. I had a pretty rough breakdown earlier in the year. As horrible as it was, what’s come out of it has been for the better.

So, in traditional list fashion, what have I achieved at 27?

  • I wrote a book. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times here on the blog, but I have written a book. I haven’t made the edits or rewrites suggested by my editor and friend, Mackenzie. But it’s an achievement to have written the first draft at all. 
  • Started therapy. This one is an achievement as much as I don’t want to admit it. I think there’s still such a stigma that surrounds therapy that we don’t discuss how beneficial it can be to our mental health – regardless of whether we suffer from mental illness or not. Treatment is a process, and I’m still sceptical about it. But it’s something I’ve needed to do for years, and it’s slowly putting my wants and needs into perspective. 
  • I’ll remember 27 most for recovery from a mental health relapse. It’s a recovery that is a daily commitment, and it took a lot out of me. And though it feels like I won’t have achieved much in the last year to write in this list, some parts of recovery like leaving the house and managing a workout for the first time in months are just some of the biggest things accomplished this year.

In some respects, I don’t want to create a list of things to achieve at 28. It feels like too much pressure to put on myself, which is something I’m trying to do less. But seeing as I’ll forget I’ve written this list, why not surprise myself next year with what I’ve been able to achieve subconsciously.

So, when I look back on this list in a year, what would 28-year-old me like to have accomplished?

  • Finished the book, self-published and have a few copies on my shelf as a souvenir. 
  • Something I’m currently working towards is a change in jobs. The next career step as a designer will be to work for me unless a job comes along that blows me away. Otherwise, I’m currently considering career changes so I can focus all my creative energy into my freelancing side hustle. 
  • I am making serious efforts to move house and leave the city life behind. I love my house, but it’s location, and lack of parking doesn’t serve or my mental health anymore. A housing change is something I can change and would like to see change in the next year or two.
  • Finally, at 28, I want to continue focusing on my recovery and general wellbeing and happiness. 

Now it’s time to throw this post into the archive and see what happens. Farewell 27 years old, I welcome 28 years old with open arms. Let’s see what we can do together.

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