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Finally Friday has arrived! This week’s training has been a struggle as I introduced some new exercises into my routine. They have exhausted me and every muscle in my body aches but when the workout is completed, damn, you feel good.

Every month I try to target a muscle group or two and train them for growth and everything else is trained for maintenance. For the next few weeks I’m focusing on conditioning and endurance to try and get my 1km run time down from 5mins 37 seconds to 5mins flat. Is it doable? I don’t see why not, but it’ll be a long hard slog over the next few weeks to achieve the goal.

Here’s the conditioning HIIT workout I’ve introduced at the beginning of my sessions. It works up a good sweat after the first few minutes so be prepared for your t-shirt to be drenched before you’ve even touched your usual exercises.


This workout has become increasingly popular over the last few years. You see this used a lot in Crossfit or by professional athletes but there’s nothing to stop us recreational gym goers giving this exercise a try. It predominately targets your upper body but stabilises your core if you’re in a squat position. Overall a great workout that will leave you feeling sore the next morning. Check out the above video for some ideas on how best to go about introducing battle ropes into your routine.


If you were a basketball player or a hurdle jumper you would be very familiar with this exercise. It’s all about getting height. This exercise is explosive and falls under the plyometric category. The higher you jump, and the more force you use, the more muscle that is engaged. It’s a very demanding workout on your legs and core and really kicks your metabolism into gear.


If you’re looking to gain speed, this is a brilliant way to do so. The studio at my gym is about the width of a swimming pool so you can really be explosive with your sprints at a short distance. Sprinting from one side of the room to the other and back again counts as one sprint. Do this ten times as fast as possible and you’ll be dripping in sweat and burning fat while you do so.


Not only does jumping rope rack up the number of steps on your activity monitor if you have one, it gets the heart pumping and blood flowing. You can do this exercise as quickly as you like and it’ll still target all the important muscle groups. Your arms and shoulders are engaged with the swinging motion, your core is locked tight as you stand straight, and your legs are doing all the jumping so they’re the most active.


If you’ve got some built up frustration but don’t like hitting the punching bag this is a great exercise for you. Lay a tyre on the ground, grab a baseball bat or a hardwearing hammer and swing for the hills. The swinging motion will activate your shoulders, oblique’s and back muscles while getting your heart rate up.

Between each exercise allow yourself a 20-30 second rest. I like to have a quick stretch or take a sip of water but then get right back to it. HIIT is about intervals of demanding exercises matched with rest that allows your heart rate to go back to normal. You don’t want to let your heart rate stay normal for too long during this exercises or you’ll find yourself hitting the wall where you feel like you can’t do anymore. Do this circuit 8-10 times and you’ll be more than warmed up and ready to continue with the rest of your strength and weight exercises in the gym.

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